Saturday, February 2, 2019

58 Episodes of Hyperinflation (Venezuela is #23)

Steve Hanke has devoted considerable effort to building up data on hyperinflations during the last century or so. He offers a quick overview of this work in Forbes (January 20, 2019). Below is his list of hyperinflations. When it comes to Venezuela, he writes:
Now, let’s turn to the world’s only current hyperinflation: Venezuela. It ranks as the 23rd most severe. Today, the annual rate of inflation is 120,810%/yr. While this rate is modest by hyperinflation standards, the duration of Venezuela’s hyperinflation episode, as of today, is long: 27 months. Only four episodes of hyperinflation have been more long-lived.
Here's the table of all 58 hyperinflations:
For those who want more, here's an earlier discussion of "Hyperinflation and the Venezuela Example" (April 28, 2016). Here's a discussion of "Hyperinflation and the Zimbabwe Example" (March 5, 2012). And I offered an earlier discussion of the list from Hanke and Krus in "A Systematic List of Hyperinflations" (August 21, 2012).